Coucou tout le monde, comme vous le savez déjà, j’ai été plusieurs fois à New York City, et j’ai particulièrement apprécié Brooklyn. Je trouve que Brooklyn est l’un de ces rares endroits fait d’une atmosphère tellement particulière, d’une énergie que l’on ne retrouvera nulle part ailleurs… Si vous voyagez dans la grande pomme dans quelques mois, ou même dans quelques années haha, voici une liste de quelques de mes endroits préférés à Brooklyn. J’espère que vous aimerez!

PS: si vous avez déjà testé l’un de ces endroits, n’hésitez pas à laisser un commentaire!


Hey folks, as you already know I’ve been a couple of times to New York City, and I particularly appreciated Brooklyn. I personally think that Brooklyn is made of a certain atmosphere, energy, that no other places could have… If you are traveling to the big Apple in a few months, or even years, nobody knows lol, here are one of my favorite spots in Brooklyn. Hope you would like it!

PS: if you ever had been to one of the place that is in my list, please leave a comment and tell me your story 🙂


Sea Thai Restaurant (thai): 144 North 6th Street, Williamsburg 




Mesa Coyoacan (Mexican), 372, Graham Avenue 


DuMont, 432 Union Avenue, Williamsburg (best hamburger)



Starbucks (everywhere)

Clothes& Accessories

Milly & Earl, 351, Graham Avenue



American Apparel, 112 Court St (one of them! / Il n’y a pas que lui!)


american-apparel-brooklyn-1-600 american-apparel-brooklyn-600

Alter, 407 Graham Avenue (one of them! / il n’y a pas que lui!)



Notes: All those pictures are not from me // Ces photos ne sont pas de moi

Let’s talk about… this Chanel show. What a surprise, Karl!

It is, for me,  the greatest show of the season. It has been a while since Chanel’s shows were not as good as that one. The decoration, all the details for the products (I particularly like that one that you can see below), the models… Cara Delevingne, Marine Deleeuw, Kendall Jenner! The only thing I less appreciate was the hairstyle, but that’s a personal opinion. This show was definitely my favorite, even if I was more looking at all the decorations, models and everything instead of the clothes!

C’est pour moi le meilleur show de la saison. Cela faisait un moment que les shows de Chanel n’avaient pas été aussi brillants! La décoration, tous les détails des produits (J’aime particulièrement celui sur la photo juste en-dessous), les mannequins… Cara Delevingne, Marine Deleeuw, Kendall Jenner! La seule chose que j’ai moins apprécié était les coiffures,  mais c’est une opinion personnelle. Ce show était définitivement mon préféré, même si je regardais plus les décorations, mannequins and co. au lieu des vêtements!

chanel-fw14_garance-dore_detail_5Picture/Photo: Garance Doré


Après cinq mois d’absence, je décide de faire mon retour… Voici quelques photos du Danemark.

Hey guys, I’m back! Just decided to come back on this blog, hope you’ll still check it! Here are some pictures from Denmark, I’m in love with this country. Everything is so calm and relaxing. People are much less stress than French people haha. Their language is so hard to learn, I even think someone once told me that it’s actually the second or the third hardest language in the world, wow! Anyways, I’m having great time here, I love living by myself, do what I want when I want.. I also think I’ve changed a lot, living by yourself for the first time, in another country, with a different culture helps you so much to grow up faster, to be more mature. The university where I am is in the best uni in the world, I’m so proud hehe. I’m actually really sad to go back to France in June/July (or maybe later) -yes, you’re probably thinking I’m a crazy person or something like that but nooo I don’t like the french mentality!- but I’ll definitely come back Denmark! Wait for me!

Really hope you’ll like the pictures. See you guys!

PS: More pictures on my instagram account! http://instagram.com/cha_rd