Archives Mensuelles: février 2014


Après cinq mois d’absence, je décide de faire mon retour… Voici quelques photos du Danemark.

Hey guys, I’m back! Just decided to come back on this blog, hope you’ll still check it! Here are some pictures from Denmark, I’m in love with this country. Everything is so calm and relaxing. People are much less stress than French people haha. Their language is so hard to learn, I even think someone once told me that it’s actually the second or the third hardest language in the world, wow! Anyways, I’m having great time here, I love living by myself, do what I want when I want.. I also think I’ve changed a lot, living by yourself for the first time, in another country, with a different culture helps you so much to grow up faster, to be more mature. The university where I am is in the best uni in the world, I’m so proud hehe. I’m actually really sad to go back to France in June/July (or maybe later) -yes, you’re probably thinking I’m a crazy person or something like that but nooo I don’t like the french mentality!- but I’ll definitely come back Denmark! Wait for me!

Really hope you’ll like the pictures. See you guys!

PS: More pictures on my instagram account!



Nouvelle chanson pour un nouvel album… Je pense personnellement que Coldplay ne nous décevra probablement jamais, même si certaines personnes parlent de chansons plus commerciales… Ce qui ne m’empêche pas d’être toujours autant amoureuse de ce groupe, et j’adore ça!

New song for a new album… I personally think that Coldplay will never disappoint us, even if some people are saying that their songs are more and more commercial… I’m still in love with that band and I’m loving it!

Enjoy xx